Autopure®  Foldable Bucket Basin Scoop

High toughness high temperature resistance engineering plastic PP-TPR
Foldable dense pack- less storage space


L large, M medium and S small mN mini folding washbasin washbasin portable basin telescopic basin 
children storage portable travel basin feed basin camping folding basin
Thicken space travel portable basin Folding washbasin Outdoor camping picnic basin 
Washing fruit plastic washbasin Storage basin Student basin Folding washbasin Hiking camping basin 
Fishing Car wash Picnic washbasin, Water basin, water basin,
Folding buckets Outdoor portable water basins Fishing A sprinklers Large, 
medium and small thickened water basins.

Material:  PP-TPR
Bonjour 1426N Size mN Mini Number Folding Basin 20x8.50cm
Bonjour 1427T Size S Small Folding Basin 25.50x10.50cm
Bonjour 1428T Size M Medium Folding Basin 31.20x12cm
Bonjour 1429T Size L Large Folding Basin 37.60x13.50cm

Bonjour Foldable Washbasin



Foldable Bucket Foldable Basin Foldable Basin D Foldable Drain Basin Foldable  Scoop

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