SolarMax®®  SUNVENTOR 太陽能外牆鐵皮屋風扇
太陽能風扇 換氣扇 通風扇 送風扇 排氣扇 排風器 Solar van Solar power


Green fan Green power Green vacuate deflate BUILDING MATERIAL METAL SHEET color roofing

Solar fan for metal sheet plant

Super Deflate Volume 5.2M³


Solar Roof Vent, Solar Attic Fan, Solar Vent For Metal Corrugated Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheet Plant, 
Industrial Plant , Aluminium Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet Air Ventilator, Roof Exhaust Vent, 
Surface Mount exhausting moist air.


Solar Powered Attic Fan - 30 Watt Roof Exhaust Vent -  

SolarMax® Solar Attic Fan 

is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that 

can protect your home and even save you money. 

Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient attic vent is compact, quiet and 
powerful! Simply, the function of a solar attic fan is to 

improve attic air circulation resulting in a healthy, energy efficient home. 
Solar attic fans pull hot air and moisture out of your attic extending 

the life of your roof. In summer months, it keeps your attic cooler helping 

educe the load on your HVAC Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system. 
In winter months, it prevents moisture build-up and ice damming. 
SolarMax® Solar Attic Fans are one of the best in their class 

with the highest standards for quality and functionality.

Application: Solar power attic air ventilator, solar fan for roofing and 
cladding corrugated metal sheet of public building, plant, chemical plant and industrial plant.
® S30W solar powered attic ventilator 
as a green product requiring only energy from the sun and no additional electricity.
Roof mount solar attic fan help reduce energy usage by exhausting hot air from attics by 
using a solar powered attic fan. Reduce potential mold and increase roof life by exhausting moist air. 
A whisper quiet 24 volt brush less motor blower powered by an industrial grade 30 watt solar panel.
Unit will condition up to 2500 square feet.
Powered by solar energy, there is zero cost usage and it does not require an electrician to install.
Wire mesh keeps unwanted rodents out.
Limited 2 year warranty on the fan and 20 year warranty on the solar panel.
Features of the SolarMax
® Solar Powered Attic Fan - Roof Exhaust Vent
Capacity: 30 watt: up to 1550 cfms (2500 sf)

Product Features

30 watt solar panel captures sunlight from dawn to dusk and efficiently converts 
it into electric power to keep your attic cool and dry all day long, providing 
5.20 Maximum CFM (M³) and year round protection for the structure of your home.
8-24V 0.55A 2700RPM motor with 10" one-piece aluminum fan is pitched for 
maximum air flow 5.2M³  to keep your living area cooler, extend the life of 
your air conditioner and save energy and money.

Compact base footprint means metal sheet styles to cut for easier, faster installation
Low profile, integrated design for an attractive, unobtrusive addition to your roof 
without the need for props or pivoting stands.
Rugged, tempered glass solar panel withstands large hail and won't delaminate so 
you can be confident in its reliability, functionality and attractive appearance.
Housing is a molded stainless steel design that withstands hail and resists fading to 
remain attractive for years.

Housing frame features positive stops to seat the dome for fast, easy installation
Direct-current, variable voltage motor is dynamically balanced for 
superior performance and silent operation for years of worry-free operation.
Includes stainless steel fasteners and brackets for durability and corrosion resistance, 
and aluminum, heavy-gauge screen to keep out insects, animals or birds without impeding airflow.

Optional thermostat is easy to install and disables the motor when the temperature dips 
below 50-degrees, to extend motor life; recommended for 
climates where cold weather condensation isn't a concern.

Product Specifications

Roof Opening Width: L 11.20” x 9.75” Installation Type: Roof Mounted
SolarMax Dimensions:  13.45" x 10.25" x 4.75" Power Type: Solar Powered
Height from Roof: 4.75"-8" Insect/Critter Screen: Optional /Yes
SolarMax Material: Stainless Steel Solar Panel Watts: 30W
Housing Dimensions: 23.3" x 23.3" Motor: DC 24V
Fan: High Efficiency Low Noise Sirocco Fan Blower Solar Panel: Mono Crystalline Silicon Cells

Warranty: 20 years Solar Panel / 1 year motor


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SolarMax S50W S30W S15W
Motor 50W 30W 15W
Dimension 800mm x 800mm 500mm x 500mm 400mm x 280mm
Exhaust Value 5.2M3 4.2M3 3.0M3
Noise 60dB(A) 52dB(A) 40dB(A)
Solar Module 50W 30W 15W
Install Dimension L640xW670xH300mm L500xW500xH300mm L410xW410xH300mm
VPM-Peak Power Voltage 24V 24V 24V
IPM-Peak Power Current 1.88A 1.74A 1.5A
LSC-Open Circuit Current 2.01A 2.01A 2.01A
Module Efficiency 12.02% 12.02% 12.02%
Weight 5Kgs 5Kgs 4Kgs


Autopure Solar Fan



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