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Spinning rotating spinner wheel cover


Spinning hubcap set pack

Spinning Wheel Cover + Wheel Re-Style

Spinner Add+on Kit, Spinner kits, Spinning Wheel/Hub Cap

Triple Chrome/Nickel Plated (Not Aluminum Sputtered)


The Best Way To Spin

Super lightweight unbreakable advance polymeric-polyolefin engineering material.

Perfectly balance spinner, no weight offset to cause vibration.

Straight radial-high chrome steel bearing.

Takes just a few minutes to install.

Optional anti-theft spinner locks available.

Optional performance kit to enhance the spinning time.

IZOD Impact Strength 60 kg-cm/cm

Heat Distortion Temperature 75oC (167 oF)  Temperature Resistance: -40oC ~ 75oC

A-turner  2514/2515 14"/15" B-turner 2523/2524/2525 13"/14"/15"


E-turner 2534/2535 14"/15" G-turner 2553/2554/2555 13"/14"/15"


H-turner 2575 15" I-turner 2585 15"


Aluminum Metallic-silver Spinner

Top Chrome with Aluminum Metallic-silver Spinner

A SERIES -Spinning hubcap/wheel cover Aluminum-look  Silver CS  SERIES - Top Chrome and Aluminum-look Silver Base- Spinning hubcap/wheel cover

Style & Structure Worldwide patent pending

USA10/768,116   MIT Style Patent No. D100105

Spinning Wheel Cover thief deterrent lock set hubcap spinner cable lock guide

                                                                                             HS code: 8708.99.90.00-2

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 Not Rotating Hubcap  Wheel Spinner Kit 

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For a better installation: recommend to use a long flat screwdriver or tool to press in the out coming retention legs

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