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Spinning rotating spinner wheel cover


Spinner For Alloy Wheels and Steel- Road Wheels

wheel re-style

Alloy Wheel Spinning Kits - Spinner wheels

MxMotorsports has created a revolutionary new spinner from high density PC-ABS,

ABS Engineering Plastic with a triple-nickel chrome/triple chrome plated finish.

This super lightweight spinner is only 2.5 lbs. Compare to the metal cast spinner, which weights 10 lbs.

The spinner weight reduction will prevent excessive tire wear and fuel consumption.

Safety is also a bonus feature of this spinner.

Can you imagine a 10-pound spinner flying off when automobile at 70 mph?

  Super lightweight - less wear and tear on your automobile.

High performance spinning action continues to spin for more than 40 seconds after the car has stopped.

Modular spinner face, triple plated chrome finish.

Universal fit for almost any type and size wheel, having the widest length and

option selections for connector lug nuts and bolts to assure the best fit to any wheel


C-turner on 13"~16" alloy wheel C-turner on 15" steel wheel
@ @

D-turner 17"/18"

D-turner on 17" Front Wheel Drive +45 Offset

L-tuner 20"/22"

X-turner 22"/24"

More  f, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, x, y & z turners... 20"/22"/24"/26"

Universal mounting 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum adaptor, lugs, connectors and hardware is included

MIT Patent No. M248641

good for depth over diameter - deep lip wheels

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